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Update:  Due to the incredibly high outreach on the masks I am temporarily marking all masks SOLD OUT so I can get caught up with all the mask orders.  Thanks in advanced for the understanding,  Collection 3 will be up next week

Swamp Mask 1.0 - Collection 2 Closed

I’ve seen so many rad friends and small business do there part in providing relief in the mask shortage.  So for today, I put together the first prototype for a Swamp Mask 1.0 - with my machines and space I wanted to offer a mask based off the CDC guidelines that would help in providing masks to anyone in need!

Each mask is based off a two part material stitched and bound with an elastic black cord.  Blacked Out.  Total cost of each runs about $5 plus labor.

On top of donating I am also offering these to anyone in need of a mask for FREE just pay for the shipping.  If you would like to donate for the labor or materials I have setup a tier in which you can add through the shop.  I am currently looking to donate a bulk of masks to the local hospital which is currently having to recycle there masks each day.

NOTE:  Masks come blank ($20 donation comes with the hand embroidered Swamp logo on the front) 

Please only 1 “free” masks per order.  



Type: Patches

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